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Illawarra Ridge Golf Resort

Plus Fitness 24/7 Gyms, NSW

The development of tourism, entertainment and recreational facilities has the potential to deliver significant social and community benefits and inevitably attracts a great deal of community interest.

Successful project planning requires consideration of a wide range of legislative and policy requirements before a project reaches the determination stage of the planning assessment process.

A detailed site analysis is critical to the efficient planning and design of projects in this sector. This approach ensures the design of building and location of activities within the site generates minimal impacts on the surrounding land and allows the project to progress quickly through the assessment and determination stages, saving time and money.

TPG NSW has the experience in tourism, entertainment and recreation projects and the resources to assist in developing the best strategies and solutions to obtain a clear approval path. We promote a comprehensive assessment process as part of the project documentation and work closely with our clients to identify their objectives. Our early involvement in projects invariably benefits the outcome.

TPG NSW can provide the following services:

  • Development planning and assessment services for tourist, entertainment and recreation developments including preliminary planning advice on key planning and design issues and documentation associated with Development Applications (DAs), and preparation of DA Statement of Environmental Effects.
  • Due diligence planning advice to assist in assessing feasibility of tourist, entertainment and recreation development projects and suitability of development.
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement including negotiation with planning authorities.
  • Project planning management services to co-ordinate and manage comprehensive project team of specialists needed in the planning stage of development applications.

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TPG consistently provide us with reliable and accurate advice and service. TPG's staff are highly experienced and skilled in collating, organising and analysing data to deliver simple, pro-active and effective recommendations.

Manuel Ortiz
General Manager Sydney Operations
Concrite Pty Ltd

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