A successful appeal for Cranbrook Care's Abbotsford Residential Care Facility

TPG's evidence was pivotal in securing approval for Cranbrook Care's development of the St Albans Street, Abbotsford Residential Care Facility.

TPG has been working with Cranbrook Care, a private company who provides residential aged care facilities in Sydney and the Central Coast, to secure an approval for a residential aged care facility under State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004 (Seniors Housing SEPP) for a waterfront site in Abbotsford.

The JRPP refused the DA in October 2013 based principally on design related considerations associated with:

  • a minor breach of the storeys and 8m height standard controls under Clause 40 of the Seniors Housing SEPP, (note Council has now accepted the request for a minor variation of both standards) and
  • non-compliance with the suitable path of travel to a public transport service under Clause 26 of the Seniors Housing SEPP  Council has also accepted that the footpath can be adjusted to comply with the gradient and the distance to the bus stop is less than 400m.

The client lodged an appeal and this was the subject of a consent orders hearing on 11 and 12 August 2014 following Council' s acceptance that the proposed development is suitable under the Senior Housing SEPP, in which TPG has provided expert evidence.

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TPG has worked closely with Plus Fitness in putting together a comprehensive SEE which and they continue to improve and assist our franchisees in obtaining what can sometimes be challenging approvals from Councils.

TPG has always been understanding of our requirements as a fast growing company and has always been willing to assist us in any way they can to better understand and develop our processes across a variety of challenging situations and circumstances. This helps us achieve favourable results and a positive experience for our Franchisees. TPG’s professional approach, product knowledge and willingness to understand our industry makes them a pleasure to deal with and they are an integral part of our business. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone considering engaging the services of a Town Planner.

John Fuller
Founding CEO
Plus Fitness

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